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August 23, 2019

NEC Promotes Inclusion with Blockchain ID Project in Argentina

“The project aims to increase access to goods and services for the residents of vulnerable neighborhoods, thus allowing them to improve their opportunities for socioeconomic inclusion in the fourth industrial revolution.”

NEC Argentina has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NGO Bitcoin Argentina and the Innovation Laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank Group (aka the IDB Lab) to launch a blockchain-based digital identity project. The four-year project is intended to promote inclusion in Argentina, and will first be deployed in Barrio 31 in Buenos Aires before expanding to other low-income neighborhoods.

“The project aims to [...]

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August 22, 2019

Behind Bitcoin Smart Contract Developer’s Push to Court Silicon Valley Programmers

IOVLabs, the parent of RSK, is opening a Blockchain Innovation and Development Studio in San Francisco. RSK, the first major Bitcoin sidechain bringing Ethereum-style smart contracts to Bitcoin, launched the studio to support experimentation with and development of next-generation blockchain solutions.

The studio, led by CAP Ventures Partner Ariel Muslera, and tasked with creating new developer tools for decentralized infrastructures, plans to collaborate with startups and companies to identify real-world problems. Being in Silicon Valley will allow the company to forge relationships with the developer community there – including non-blockchain [...]

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August 14, 2019

BSHORT Token a Safe Way to Short Bitcoin | The Coin Shark

The vast majority of people who are interested in cryptocurrencies know only about one way to make money in this market: buy cheaper – sell more expensive. Of course, this is the most proven and common method, but it works exclusively with a growing trend, but alas, the asset cannot grow constantly physically. So what to do when bears dominate the market?

There is a way that involves making money in a falling market – these are short sales or bets against BTC. The “play for a fall” is still not very common at this point in time, so now there is just a great opportunity to use the best tools for BTC shorts.

The movie “Big Short” was dedicated to this method of [...]

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August 9, 2019

Commerzbank tests blockchain-based payments for machine-to-machine transactions – FreightWaves

Major German bank Commerzbank announced that it has developed a blockchain-based payment solutionthat specifically automates machine-to-machine (M2M) payment processes. This pilot project is in collaboration with Daimler Trucks, with this M2M payment part of the test for the direct handling of charging operations of electrically powered trucks. 

The automated payment pilot involves the transaction process between an electric truck and the charging station it docks at for its electricity needs. “In the transaction, Commerzbank first brought in euros on the blockchain and then provided the so-called “cash on ledger,” i.e. the money on the blockchain, to Daimler [...]

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