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August 22, 2019

Ethereum Poised to Be First Public Blockchain in Hyperledger Consortium – CoinDesk

Ethereum could become the first public blockchain on Hyperledger – if the open-source consortium’s technical steering committee approves a proposal to adopt the ConsenSys-backed Pantheon project.

Pantheon is a suite of ethereum-based services built by PegaSys, a 50-strong engineering team at ConsenSys. The Pantheon ethereum client, built on Java, is used to develop enterprise applications with features like privacy and permissioning.

The proposal was sent out in a Hyperledger mailing list email on Aug. 8, and if it is accepted, Pantheon will be renamed Hyperledger Besu (a Japanese term for base or foundation).

The approval would bring Pantheon’s [...]

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August 14, 2019

Crypto Gold Supported on Debit Cards Through Ethereum-Based Platform – OBN

Monolith, a decentralised banking platform which is powered on Ethereum, has partnered with MakerDAO and DigixDAO, as reported by CryptoBriefing. Monolith users can thus load the cryptocurrencies DAI, DGX and DGD. Currently Monolith supports ETH and TKN, which is its own token.

Monolith is a mobile application which contains a non-custodial contract wallet for token storage. These coins can be exchanged and loaded on the Monolith VISA debit cards, effectively allowing users to pay using cryptocurrency. Monolith is available on iOS, and plans to release an Android version soon.

Interestingly, DGX is a cryptocurrency whose value is tied to one [...]

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August 13, 2019

Name Change By Ethereum Classic Would Destroy Other Projects’ Market Cap Says Coordinator

The naming of crypto projects is always a matter which causes project runners grief. The name a cryptocurrency carries affects how the crypto community perceives it, and how they engage with the particular project on the markets.

Steve Lohja, a technology coordinator at Ethereum Classic Labs, said that if the project removed the word Ethereum from its name, a number of top cryptocurrency projects would be destroyed.

Lohja expressed his sentiments through a tweet in which he said the removal of the tag would affect the market cap of many digital assets which relate to the Ethereum tag.

Opinion: Many #cryptocurrency in the top market [...]

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July 31, 2019

Ethereum Stablecoins Post Better Quarterly Growths than Venmo Ethereum

Stablecoins launched atop the Ethereum blockchain are growing better than Venmo, according to blockchain research firm TradeBlock.

The New York company measured and combined the volumes of five Ethereum-based stablecoins – Dai, Gemini Dollar, Paxos, USD Coin, and Tether – between Q1/2018 and Q1/2019. The first fiscal quarters showed slight growths in their net transactions. But in Q4/2018 and Q1/2019, the volume surged exponentially compared to previous recordings.

Transaction Counts of Ethereum-based Stablecoins | Image Credits: TradeBlock, Mihailo Djelic

TradeBlock pitted the stablecoins’ data against that of Venmo, a mobile payment [...]

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