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Crypto World Cup FINALS | Charles Hoskinson vs. Charlie Lee
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Crypto World Cup FINALS | Charles Hoskinson vs. Charlie Lee

by Raphael PutongAugust 2, 2018

It’s the Crypto World Cup Finals! And the crowds go wild! Charles Hoskinson is facing off against Charlie Lee in what is perhaps the biggest and most highly anticipated crypto competition EVER. It all comes down to this. Who will be victorious? Who will win the cup?

Time to find out crypto fans!

Charles Hoskinson 4-2 Charlie Lee

It was the fight to end all fights, the battle to end all battles, the crypto to end all cryptos! But in the end, Charles Hoskinson came out on top, beating out Charlie Lee for crypto champion.

The first goal of the game went to Hoskinson, less than 20 minutes into the game. Unfortunately for Lee, he wasn’t using his head today—or, rather, he used it to score on himself. That’s right, the first goal of the final match was a self goal by Lee. Bad luck!

Amped up now, Lee was desperate to even things up, and even things up he did! The second goal of the game went to Lee, this time into Hoskinson’s net, a mere ten minutes later.

Another ten minutes and Hoskinson scores a penalty goal, bringing the score to 2-1 to Hoskinson.

The second half of the game was just as exciting as the first. You can’t ever say there’s a dull moment with Hoskinson and Lee, champions in the world of crypto.

Hoskinson scores his third goal of the game, followed by his fourth. Lee, feeling the pressure now, manages to get one final goal in, but unfortunately for Lee it’s not enough, and the game ends 4-2 to Hoskinson.

So there you have it, folks, Charles Hoskinson wins the very first Crypto World Cup! Congrats to all our players; it has been a pleasure watching you all!


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