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GaxCoin ICO: Gax World Blockchain Casino, Sports, Games & Crypto Marketplace?
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GaxCoin ICO: Gax World Blockchain Casino, Sports, Games & Crypto Marketplace?

by Raphael PutongAugust 16, 2018

GaxCoin Opens Initial Coin Offering, Opening the Door to the Creation of Their Platform and Ecosystem

GaxCoin recently made the announcement that their initial coin offering (ICO) is now available for consumers to get invested at the ground floor. The launch was on August 11th, and all funds gathered will award users tokens as they support the creation of the blockchain startup. They have some of the platform prepared, but the stability and reliability continue to be improved upon.

In the last year alone, ICOs have been responsible for the accrual of $1.66 billion, which is a combined number amongst 480 ICOs. With the ICO from GAX World, they hope that the setup of their company is enough to bring more revenue to that pool. Based on their calculations, about 40% of the funds that they amass will be kept in provision to compensate the entities that help with their services.

The whole GAX World ecosystem is actually comprised of four different markets – Travel and Holidays, E-learning, Betting & Casino, Work & Freelance, and cryptocurrency. GAX World is predominantly sponsored by, and they already have made some progress in their platform with experts that are the most familiar with the online gaming industry in Malta.

Based on the goals they have for their first phase of the Private Sale, they intend to start with establishing a commitment from private investors, which will account for about $6 million. That start will give them what they need to reach their goals of global expansion, which they detail in their whitepaper. Once the private sale ends, they have four more steps that will have their employees working tirelessly for the next few months. As an incentive, the private investors will receive a 50% bonus with their contribution.

As far as the betting options, GAX World has already created a platform called White Label Bet & Casino. Users will have to choose a unique name and logo, before establishing an online entertainment business. To learn more about this project, visit


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