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RAWG Hopes To Become The IMDB For Video Games With Crypto Rewards – One Angry Gamer
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RAWG Hopes To Become The IMDB For Video Games With Crypto Rewards – One Angry Gamer

by Raphael PutongApril 10, 2018

A new video game database is in the works called RAWG that aims to be the IMDB of video games. The database will not only offer gamers a way to check out their latest, greatest and oldest games, but there’s also an opportunity to utilize cryptocurrency that will go live this summer.

The new cryptocurrency will reward gamers with an opportunity to earn rewards based on in-game achievements. The idea is that a single token is equivalent to 10 impressions of premium ads on RAWG, and they’ve partnered with Playrix, Game Insight, Xsolla, Gaijin Entertainment and Wargaming. By synching the different accounts with the RAWG account, which will accumulate tokens based on the achievements you earn in the games from the aforementioned publishers.

RAWG founder Gadji Makhiev commented about the cryptocurrency rewards, stating in the press release…

“We’ve closed the soft cap with $2M from Crypto Bazar, who are professional pre-ico investors,” […] “Now, we are working to secure next $4M from crypto investment syndicates as a goal. However, the main round for us is the last one. It will be launched later this spring and we are going to build a community of gamers supporting RAWG and the idea that achievements are worth something real.”

The synching will start this summer where rewards will be handed out for achievements acquired through Steam accounts, PlayStation Network accounts, and Xbox Live. No word yet on if the Nintendo Network will be added to the fray, but I imagine when the premium service starts this fall they may add that feature.

The rewards will apply to more than 56,000 games, and they will be expanding the database as well.

I don’t know how well the whole crypto-rewards will work out, and whether or not gamers will actually be able to benefit from them the way that it’s promoted – especially given how some cryptocurrencies seem to be too good to be true – but we’ll find out once the service goes live this summer.

You can learn more about the crypto-tokens by visiting the RAWG official website.


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