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The ICO Showcase Provides Expert Opinions and Performs Due Diligence on ICOs – Press Release – Digital Journal
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The ICO Showcase Provides Expert Opinions and Performs Due Diligence on ICOs – Press Release – Digital Journal

by Raphael PutongAugust 8, 2018

NEW YORK / ACCESSWIRE / August 8, 2018 / It was only one entity, Mastercoin, that made the first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2013. Today, there are tens and hundreds of ICOs shaping up every day. Over $6 billion having been raised via ICOs in the year 2017 alone, ICOs have clearly evolved as an effective way of fast fundraising over a very short period. ICOs have not only helped potential businesses to hit off but also served as alternative investment platforms for investors worldwide. However, caution emphasizes on these emerging ICOs as they have also proven to be an inlet for cyber theft and scams. A study by the ICO advisory firm, Satis Group, revealed that almost 80% of 2017’s ICO were “identified scams.”

Checking the reliability of an offering is tedious for a layman foraging a place to invest. That is where we enter – ICO showcase is the one-stop solution for all your ICO woes. From rating each active ICOs to deliberately categorizing them, our sole mission is to make your crypto investment a transparent and convenient procedure.

ICO List and ICO Calendar

The best parts of ICO showcase are its ICO list and ICO calendar.

  • Our ICO list extensively features all the upcoming and active ICOs with details, so you don’t miss any opportunity that can serve as a good investment deal. It organizes the showcased crypto startups based on various categories like Finance, Internet, Security, E-commerce etc.
  • The ICO calendar compliments the convenience offered by the ICO list by organizing everything in a time based structure for greater ease of use.
  • The intuitive website simplifies the entire process by making all the necessary information available to the user.

Our ICO list, in combination with ICO calendar, empowers the user to compare different ICOs and weigh their risks. This ensures the users a benchmark so that they can assess similar offerings and diversify their portfolio.

The ICO Rating Process

Keeping track of all the upcoming ICOs is one thing. But ensuring their legitimacy and profitability for the potential investor is another tedious yet important task. Our team of cryptocurrency experts performs thorough background checks on each ICO, ensuring that no scams ensue. These checks elaborately ponder the following details.

Use case: Without a definite target, the whole process of developing a product and conducting an ICO is inconsequential. It’s various use cases and the inherent role of Blockchain determine the scope of the ICO.

The Team: Due diligence is necessary for ensuring that investments go into the right hands. The founders, team and the VCs funding the ICO if any need to be authentic profiles that can establish a sense of confidence with the investors.

Quality of code: The code review on GIT hub explains the quality of code and level of security that the smart contracts backing the ICO have to offer. This is crucial prior to the signing of smart contracts especially when anonymity is a prevalent element.

Community and media: A business’ plan of action is vital in determining it’s growth and sustenance in the market. We research and draw conclusions from the level of reception of the ICO by communities and media alike.

Following the aforementioned criteria and other minor factors provides a comprehensive evaluation of all the thriving ICOs that ensures that you hold at your fingertips, everything that you need to know before investing on any ICO. This eventually makes it easier for you as an investor to analyze the scope of an ICO right when you see it.

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