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Ripple vs Ethereum: XRP and ETH Heading for Another Run
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Ripple vs Ethereum: XRP and ETH Heading for Another Run

by Raphael PutongJune 19, 2019

Recent Bitcoin bull-run caused notable price surges within a majority of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and Ripple. Especially, benefiting the XRP price trend the most, as it has seen significant price growth past weekend.

On 16th June, ETH traded with bullish price momentum, when it touched its 7-day high price. However, yesterday, Ethereum ranged between 268 USD to 275 USD.

Ripple and Ethereum Current Statistics:

StatisticsRipple (XRP)Ethereum (ETH)
Price (USD)09:27:27 UTC0.4405 USD269.59 USD
Market Capitalization19,042,878,320 USD28,835,287,129 USD
24h Volume2,132,411,112 USD6,098,662,266 USD
Circulating Supply42,501,950,124 XRP106,538,609 ETH
Return on Investment (ROI)7,527.84%> 9000%

XRP/ETH Price Chart:

Ripple/Ethereum Price Chart


After hovering between 0.42 USD to 0.43 USD, XRP took a sharp price spike at 0.4632 USD. Meanwhile, Ethereum, after a few price fluctuations reached as high as 275.52 USD. Both the leading cryptocurrencies have been witnessing gradual pride drop since then. Today, Ripple and Ethereum have traced a similar price drop followed by a rebound, as highlighted in the chart.


Ripple and Ethereum, both are currently heading downwards after the recent price surges. However, if the XRP price trend starts moving upwards it may see resistance at 0.462 USD and 0.475 USD and will see support levels at 0.431 USD and 0.414 USD, along with a major support price at 0.40 USD.

Further, if ETH crosses the 270 USD price mark, it is likely to see resistance at 276.88 USD and 279.44 USD. However, if the ETH price takes a fall, its support price will be 265.85 USD and 263 USD.


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