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Cardano (ADA) & AION collaboration is a sign of crypto maturity: A reason to be bullish – Crypto Recorder
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Cardano (ADA) & AION collaboration is a sign of crypto maturity: A reason to be bullish – Crypto Recorder

by Eric ChristopherMarch 13, 2019

Recently, the IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson met with AION’s CEO to discuss interoperability and partnerships. This has elicited excitement in both the Cardano and AION communities, and for good reason.   Cooperation between projects is an indicator that crypto space is maturing, and is entering a new era, one that opens a whole world of opportunities for crypto projects. For instance, with interoperability, projects can leverage each other’s strengths to drive adoption.

Without it, projects stand out as isolated islands that can’t achieve much on their own, and would probably never be adopted at scale. In the case of Cardano and AION, such a partnership opens up the possibility of adoption of these two blockchain in Dapps development. 

Both have strong capabilities on this front, with features such as censorship resistance and scalability. In essence, when working together, they provide an amazing opportunity for the development of applications that touch on different industries, such as in the finance world.

For an investor, this makes these two projects worthy investments going into the future. Sure, this may not lead to a breakout in the prices of these two projects in the short-term, but long-term, it places them in a good position to growth going into the future. That’s because, as Dapps on these two projects grow going into the future, their intrinsic value will grow, and this will be reflected into their prices once the crypto market recovers.

On top of that, collaboration will play a role in pushing for the right regulations that support blockchain growth and adoption. There is a huge disconnect between what blockchain projects have achieved so far, and existing regulations. Regulations have largely lagged behind, which makes it complicated for the full scale adoption of this tech, especially at the institutional level.

The solution will be for blockchain projects to come together, and have a united voice in pushing for a more up-to-date regulatory framework for blockchain technology. Forming a united front starts with what projects like Cardano and AION are doing. Taking an approach of collaboration rather than competition. As more projects shift to this strategy, the right regulations will come, and open up the large scale adoption of blockchain technology, further pushing up the value of projects like Cardano (ADA) and AION that are already leading the way on this matter.

In essence, for an investor looking into crypto for the long haul, projects like Cardano and Aion that are already forward thinking enough to think collaboration make for good investments. These could shine big once adoption happens at scale, and could be at the forefront in shaping regulation. For Cardano, its standing as an investment is raised by the fact that it is building relationships with governments. These are relationships that could prove vital in advancing the adoption of Cardano. Governments especially in the developing world could ultimately build their systems around Cardano (ADA). Its future is bright, and its risk levels lower than most altcoins.

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