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April 19, 2019

ICO Industry Woes Continue as Ambisafe Struggles Amid Bear Market, Trims 70 Members from Team

Last year was unkind to the entire cryptocurrency market, at exchanges shut their doors and coins lost substantial value. Ambisafe was one of the unlucky ones. With the ICO business suffering during the bear market, there was little use for an ICO services company. Though the company managed to start the year with 120 staff members, the 2018 market resulted in a cut of 70 people.

Ambisafe was founded in 2015, offering back-end solutions to the companies that primarily deal with white-labeled wallet and token sale platforms within the blockchain industry. Ambisafe was also responsible for offering other services, like acting as an exchange, auditing [...]

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March 13, 2019

SEC in Thailand Gives Green Light to First-Ever Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Gateway in the Country

The laws governing initial coin offerings (ICOs) have been debated around the world, often included in the regulations that govern cryptocurrency as well. In Thailand, the proposal of an ICO portal was brought to regulators. As of March 12th, the Bangkok Post is reporting that the securities regulator has approved the portal for launch.

This is the first ICO portal that the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) board of directors has approved, and it will make it possible to screen ICOs and perform due diligence. The portal will also confirm the source codes of smart contracts while following the procedures outlined in Know Your Customer (KYC) [...]

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September 6, 2018

The Cryptoverse: Revealing the Truth About ICOs in 2018 – Bitsonline

Cryptoverse host Chris Coney dives into the topic of the ICO in one of his latest videos. In his discussion of this controversial fundraising method, he shares his thoughts on whether participating in an ICO is a good investment choice.

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The ICO: A Hybrid Between and IPO and Crowdfunding that Doesn’t Have the Benefits of Either

According to Coney, no one should ever have any reasonable expectation of profiting — or even making their money back — from an ICO.

Why? [...]

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September 5, 2018

Former Crypto Lawyer and ICO Advisor Julian Zegelman: Investing in ICOs Is a Risk on Dynamite

Julian Zegelman, a lawyer with many years of experience, has turned into a VC — he’s now a general partner at TMT Blockchain Fund, a venture capital fund investing in blockchain technology projects.

But why did he end his legal career?

Catherine Ross: I was going to ask you a bunch of legal questions, but you’ve mentioned that you’re not a lawyer anymore. How did that happen?

Julian Zegelman: It’s like being a recovering alcoholic, you know? When you’ve been drinking for a long time, people remember that you used to drink. Personally, I don’t drink [Eds: this is just a colorful metaphor]. But you go to the meetings and [...]

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