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March 13, 2019

Cardano (ADA) & AION collaboration is a sign of crypto maturity: A reason to be bullish – Crypto Recorder

Recently, the IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson met with AION’s CEO to discuss interoperability and partnerships. This has elicited excitement in both the Cardano and AION communities, and for good reason.   Cooperation between projects is an indicator that crypto space is maturing, and is entering a new era, one that opens a whole world of opportunities for crypto projects. For instance, with interoperability, projects can leverage each other’s strengths to drive adoption.

Without it, projects stand out as isolated islands that can’t achieve much on their own, and would probably never be adopted at scale. In the case of Cardano and AION, such a partnership opens up the [...]

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March 7, 2019

Cardano Price Changed by 1.52 percent

As at 2019-03-07 average Cardano price is 0.04347267 USD, 0.00001110 BTC, 0.00031466 ETH.

It’s noteworthy that is issued into circulation Cardano.

Cardano ADA/IDR on Indodax (Bitcoin Indonesia) exchange is 0.04. The trading volume on Indodax (Bitcoin Indonesia) is 17070.29.

At the same time Cardano ADA/KRW on Bithumb exchange is 0.04. The trading volume on Bithumb is 235372.61.

Cardano ADA/BTC on Bittrex exchange is 0.04. The trading volume on Bittrex is 340686.08.

Cardano ADA/USD on HitBTC exchange is 0.04. The trading volume on HitBTC is 724361.66.

Cardano ADA/USDT on Huobi Global exchange is 0.04. The trading volume on [...]

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February 5, 2019

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ADA has been quiet compared to other coins in the top 10 — we’re taking that to mean there’s a focus on the tech.

Price has hit key support levels and could consolidate for a few days or weeks.

Long term, the ADA outlook is bullish and we suggest looking for an entry in the next few days or weeks (upon consolidation or drop).

This idea was discussed in more depth with members of my private investing community, The Coin Agora. Start your free trial today »

Cardano (ADA-USD) has started off 2019 on a bearish note, losing further ground as it pushes toward a key support level. This is in keeping with the [...]

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September 4, 2018

Cardano (ADA) Blockchain Infrastructure Grows More Creating Promising Atmosphere for Investors – Ethereum World News

The first born out of philosophic research – Cardano (ADA) protocol. Very similar to Ethereum’s PoS mechanism but with improved speed and efficiency the platform delivers more advanced features without stepping down the original idea of crypto – decentralization.

While maintaining the balance of the three big ones: Decentralization, Security and Speed, Cardanoattempts to improve proportionally forward with each release or published paper. This is the real vision of its founder – Charles Hoskinson, who is at the same time one of the individuals that commenced the Ethereum project.

“What we’ve done with Cardano is start with asking ourselves what a blockchain is. Does [...]

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