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August 22, 2018

Ethereum Price Analysis – Relief rally more likely than lower lows » Brave New Coin

Ethereum’s price rise throughout 2017 was strongly influenced by the rise of numerous ICOs which brought about a new method of crowdsourcing. As ICOs minted ERC tokens and typically sold them for ETH, most have held onto their ETH and continue to do so. Each and every ICO that continues to hold large sums of ETH represents a potential for further price capitulation. ETH’s price may remain stale from a fundamental standpoint until dApp use or Security Token Offerings gain in popularity.

Ethereum (ETH) has dropped 15% over the past week and is currently down 81% from the record high set in January. The market cap stands at US$27.9 billion, with US$1 billion traded in the [...]
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April 18, 2018

Ethereum price news: How much is Ethereum worth today? | City & Business | Finance |

ETHEREUM has remained above the $500-mark for more than three days in a row as the cryptocurrency market sees a big boost in prices. Is Ethereum on the rise? How much is Ether worth today?

The world’s second largest cryptocurrency finds itself in a strong position today as prices begin to stabilise.

Having suffered a shaky few weeks, Ethereum prices have pushed past $500, registering a 1.89 percent increase.

As of 5:30pm today, ETH was trading at $513.51.

The push up past $500 and the timing, mean Ethereum could bounce back to higher prices than ever.

Is Ethereum on the rise?

Holding the second largest market volume in the entire crypto-market, Ethereum is [...]

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